What Makes My Bar at Connaught Place the Go-To Restro Bar for Chilling Out?


My Bar is one of the most frequented restro bars in Connaught Place. Anyone and everyone who has ever been to Delhi or is from Delhi know about this place. It is the party destination for most youngsters in the capital city. College goers, recent graduates and many young workers also frequent this cool bar and lounge in New Delhi. If you know your drinks and need a hell of a weekend, go to My Bar in Connaught Place. My Bar isn’t just good in terms of its ambience, loud music, food and drinks, butthe pricing is unbelievable as well, which is why it is included in our main attractions for a restro bar.

Cheap Booze

One of the main attractions of My Bar CP is its pricing. It is one of the cheapest restro bars in all of New Delhi. You get cool and exciting offers here, which is why it is packed with youngsters all weekend long. If you love your poison and want to have a bucket full of it, this is the place to go to. Just remember that your capacity should be of a rhinoceros or else you might puke everywhere and would definitely be kicked out of the place. Rest assured, My Bar is a very happening place; onlydecent and fun loving gentry is allowed in the premises. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about anyone trying anything funny with you while you are there.

The Ambience

My Bar has a killing ambience. The youthful and vibrant energy of its visitors is clearly shown in every part of this restro bar. Sofas have plump cushions, but are flat bench.There are no tableware or frill tables. All of these clearly show that the place is like a den for the younger generation. But, it isn’t just plush interiors, but much more than that. The restro bar is about relaxation and comfort as well. You have special and ornate attractions at My Bar CP. Here are the two primary attractions in the ambience of My Bar CP:

  1. Island Bar: Right in the center of the restaurant is an island bar. It is known as an island bar because it is right in the center, surrounded by table chairs and dance floor. The look of the bar clearly gives a Caribbean feel. All in all, it is exactly like those bars that are found on Caribbean beaches, which is why Island bar is a befitting name for it.
  2. Rooftop Dining Area: If you are looking for some privacy and some peace, you can check out My Bar’s rooftop dining area. It is absolutely lovely and would give you a complete date-like feeling. You should definitely take your special someone there at night because the sky looks amazing from the rooftop. Plus the light romantic music and dim lighting sets the mood right away.

The Menu Variety

Another major attraction of My Bar CP is the menu of the place. It has a variety of food and drinks. Cuisines offered here are North Indian, Mughlai, Italian, Continental and Chinese. You also get Hookah and there is a full bar available. There are many exotic flavors of hookah and you also get to enjoy their flagship cocktail, the chocolate vodka! What more do you want from a restro bar?

My Bar is clearly the place to be at during the weekends. If you have young blood pumping through your veins and you are presently in Delhi, you now know where all the happening parties and events occur. So, head out to My Bar CP today.

Address: G-68, Near Metro Exit 7 & 8, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001